Houston Conventions 40th Aniversary (1967-2007) Included in this site is pictures and info of Conventions from 1967-1980!    

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Hundred's, well at least 50+ pictures of the past and as many of the present.

Adding more pictures daily, well, weekly, Ok monthly.

40th Anniversary Pictures

More 40th Anniversary Pictures

Pictures of HCCA 38th anniversary Cookout

Blast From the Past (1970's Conventions)

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HoustonCon 1971 & 73,     More HoustonCon 73,     HoustonCon 1975

HoustonCon 1978,     HoustonCon 1979

Other Houston Area Conventions of 60's-80's

Roy's Memory Shop 1978


hc73 rudy

People involved in making the 60-80's such a fun time:

Oaf - Oklahoma Alliance of Fans (our good friends in OK)

Rudy Rankins Memorial with videos

Eddie Eddings

John Fischner

Roy Bonario of Roy's memory Shop



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Help us name all in the pictures om this page.

Those who are no longer with us:

GB Love, Walter (Weege) Irwin, Marc Schooley, Herman Talor, John (Big John) McDonald, Joe Caterino, Joe Domenici, Al Davis, Rudy Rankins.

Those who helped start the HCCS (Houston Comic Collectors Association) and Conventions in Houston:

Roy Bonario, Marc Schooley, Earl Blair, GB Love, Rudy Rankins, Willie Patterson.

Others who helped or also put on Conventions:

John Fischner, Dave (Eddie) Eddings, Jim Newsome, Jerry Wilhite, Frank (Nan's - gaming cons).

We are looking for three lists of names, first those who were in the beginning that helped start conventions, HCCA, etc, those who helped and or later got involved during the early to mid 70's and those who were part of the 60-70's attending either or HCCA or conventions. If you have any info or links to any sites such as OAF above, please Email Jerry


Roy Bonario

Above Then left to right, Earl Blair, Ken Finnerty, Marc Schooley and Roy Bonario

CC Beck

Above Now left to right, Earl Blair, Ken Finnerty, Marc Schooley and Roy Bonario

CC Beck

ELVIS HAS NOT LEFT THE BUILDING - Here is proof positive that The Schooner....in his younger days....was a dead ringer for the "King of Rock 'n Roll".....or at least Conway Twitty?? ....or Billy J. Kramer??? No doubt he, Weege and Roy were plotting the theft of tungite or a decimator when this pic was taken. This is from Houstoncon '74. Note the salt and pepper already appearing in the Bon sideburns and the carton of Luckies on the dresser behind Schooner!!

KESSLER IN ACTION - Ken snapped several color behind the scenes pix during the shooting of Captain America at the University of Houston and later that day (--until his collarbone was broken!!--). Here is Kessler in the mid-leap!!

ROY'S MEMORY SHOP - How many hours did we all spend here??!! I painted the original sign, Glenn built the fixtures and together he and I painted the red and blue letters on the windows. A real sign painter painted the yellow text. Circa 1971.

SUPERBOY MEETS SUPERMAN - Here's Ken Donnell posing with Kirk Alyn at Houstoncon 71. Kirk held the all-time record for five Houstoncon appearances. '71 was his first convention...ever. BTW, check out some of the one-sheets for sale at Roy's table behind Ken: Bedlam, Captain America, The Lone Ranger, an early Tim McCoy, Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum, Disney's The Reluctant Dragon and Gangster's Boy. That's Weege peeking out from behind Ken....

Here's Scott hard at work at one of Don Maris' Dallas shows....

Yours truly palavering with Margie at Glenn's table in Memphis...

In Dallas with a Lee Van Cleef impersonator. I told you this guy would go straight to da cops......
What is Ken is playing?

Roy, Willene and Willie

Here are two pix from a story on Roy's Memory Shop that appeared in the Houston Chronicle's Texas magazine on Sunday, May 2, 1971:

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