Cookout Sat March 18 2006 (Wilhite Home)

The Cookout started at noon and ran till 5 PM and was a lot of fun and everyone had a lot to talk about and thanks to Terry Hanks for taking the pictures below and bringing albums of the past for all of us to go over.
There were 17 of us and we went through 45 chicken legs, potato salad, baked beans, deviled eggs and more than 16 hamburgers, more.

Bill and Pat Mooney

Chris Smith

John Fischner

Eddie Eddings and Ernie Fram

Eddie and Mary Eddings

Eddie and Mary Eddings

Ernie Fram

Ken Donnell, Tony Smith, Barbara Wilhite, and Chris Smith

Dave Welling

Ken Donnell, Jerry Wilhite, Tony and Chris Smith

Willie Patterson and Eddie Eddings

Tony Smith, Rudy Rankins and Jerry Wilhite

Eddie Eddings

John Fischner, Chris Smith and Terry Hanks

Ken Donnell

Ken Donnell

Ken Donnell

Ken Donnell, Roy Bonario and Ernie Fram

Ken Donnell, Chance and Tony Smith

Ernie Fram and Chris Smith

Roy Bonario

Roy Bonario, Chris Smith, in background Tony Smith, Ken Donnell and Willie Patterson

Roy Bonario and Dave Welling

Ken Donnell and Roy Bonario

Chris Smith, Ernie Fram and Roy Bonario

Ken Donnell and Roy Bonario

Pet Mooney, Ken Donnell, Roy Bonario, Willie Patterson and Dave Welling

Rudy Rankins

Rudy Rankins and Roy Bonario

Tony Smith

Rudy Rankins and Terry Hanks

Tony Smith

Willie Patterson and Eddie Eddings

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